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The Gemkol Co., Ltd. is a value added service organisation managing the global supply chain for its customers.

We work together with our clients to build product ranges and brands with a long term view. These services include :  Product Development, Raw Material Sourcing , Production Planning,  Manufacturing Control , Quality Assurance & Compliance, Export Documentation , Shipping Consolidation & Logistics , Finance Marketing Support .

Product Development :
Our capabilities extend to product design, mechanical engineering, testing, vendor identification
and qualification and costing.                                                                                                                      

We utilize our in-house designers for packaging and analyse both current/historic market and consumer data through our marketing and information departments to ensure that the products that our clients procure will be successful in their respective marketplaces. A key to our success in the product development arena is our ability to analyse market trends through our worldwide offices who spend time with our clients and analyse their competitors.

The Gemkol Co., Ltd. also has the infrastructure to be able to apply for patents and trademarks on behalf  of the vendors for new products, designs and brands.

Raw Material Sourcing :
The Gemkol Co., Ltd. difference starts at 'source'. We dictate the materials and components that are used on our production lines and often have these manufactured to our own quality specifications. Our capabilities include metal and metal components, furniture components, plastics and synthetic materials, timber and yarn.

Production Planning :
We offer an advanced planning and scheduling service to provide optimisation of procurement and production resources. We consider  the constraints of production and the goals of the customer.
We believe in realistic planning - we don't work with manufacturers who fail to deliver on time and to make sure that we can deliver as per schedule, we regularly employ our own independent staff to monitor production within production facilities.

Manufacturing Control :
Our control system monitors the manufacturing cycle, providing us with a wide range of production related information. We have the ability to change/modify the production plan to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our control encompasses productivity analysis, supply chain managements and quality management.
Quality Assurance & Compliance :
Quality control is at the core of our company and we adhere to strict manufacturing and quality systems.
Our specialised team, including inspectors, engineers and technical managers, are proficient in the  handling of supplier audits, laboratory testing, certification, production monitoring, on line and final  inspections and technical support.

Export Documentation:
We provide advisory services on logistics management, establishing procedures for documentation,   consolidation, transportation and distribution. We offer total supply chain management.

Other specializations include:
Developing local country product marking, labeling and certification standards to assure effective in  country trade.
Developing local country trade standards to define effective shipping criteria, and documentation  
Developing and implementing local and international classification, valuation, and certifications  
standards, as  required.
Developing procedural requirements for Statement of Works as it relates to trade issues for relevant   country  destinations.
As part of our service we offer trade financing to our clients. In addition The Gemkol Co., Ltd. takes  financial positions in the purchase of raw materials and components ensuring complete control of the  manufacturing process.

We offer a broad range of financial services to our clients, including but not limited to, factoring sales,  letter of credit facilities, inventory financing, purchase order financing, bridge financing.

Sales & Marketing Support :
Strategies must be well defined and blend customers requirements with the capabilities of the  
These strategies will then define the products you take to the market place. With this information, The  Gemkol Co., Ltd. can evaluate your products to maximize your sales and marketing efforts, including  branding, pack-aging,promotion, store placement and price points.